This property will be viewed directly from Brandywine Park, Alapocas Run State Park, Brandywine River and residential homes. Link to slideshow.

Jobs are important. Investment and assistance to help bring viable industries to Delaware are important, but at what cost? 

Please join us to be sure you are a part of this conversation.

Incyte’s further development plan is for a five story, 400,000 sq.ft. building, nearly doubling the office space on the Incyte site. The building on the parcel now (WFS Lower School) is so much smaller than what Incyte wants to build, only approximately 58,000 sq. ft.  Incyte's building will be nearly 7 times as large and five times as high.  The two story parking garage will be under the building, with its entrance on the Alapocas Run State Park side of the building.

As mentioned, Incyte’s proposed building is not New Castle County code compliant.  They will need a variance  to build additional sq. ft.  because they don't want to reduce the overall size of the building, and they need to build a bridge to merge the two properties.  They don't have adequate frontage for the LS property otherwise. Additionally, they will need a variance for a reduction in the number of parking spaces required by NCC., and is less than the number for employees they project will be employed on the site. They suggest they have contingency plans if all employees come to work. Valet parking. Where? Adding even more trips on our roadways. 

Incyte also wants a zoning change that would permit light industrial uses on this parcel forever. Emissions are permitted by light industrial uses, (perhaps you remember the accidental discharge event that occurred at Concord Plaza not long ago from a laboratory there). The current parcel is zoned Suburban. 

Incyte will bring 1050 employees from other sites (not new jobs). That is over 2000 car trips added on our neighborhood roads. Incyte wants to have 1,962 fewer parking spaces than required by code. Where will they park? There are no offsite parking garages, only parking in local, residential neighborhoods.

You may also know how Incyte’s past development has already negatively impacted our ability to function and enjoy our homes. 

There are times every day when driving on neighborhood roads is significantly congested. Delays are experienced at every intersection from West Park Drive and Rt. 141, Rt. 202 and North Broom, Augustine Cut-Off and West 18th Street, Augustine Cut-Off and Alapocas Drive, Augustine Cut-Off and Lovering Avenue. There are no traffic remediations recommended except an additional traffic light on Augustine Cut-Off which will help Incyte employees to leave the campus but may further delay traffic flow on Augustine Cut-Off.

Safety challenges in congested areas.

We have many schools and sports facilities in our area. Children at bus stops have been injured because of the volume of traffic. Pedestrians and bicyclists are at risk. Pedestrians crossing streets and cars stopping unpredictably and frequently are common. Our streets become even more narrow and visability is greatly reduced as cars park and move through these neighborhood streets because of the schools and related events. People become frustrated, and impulsive behavior occurs.

This is a residential and park area. 

There are beautiful parklands here with Critical Natural Areas with old growth trees and endangered species. This is the river that began our story as a city. Already tree lines have been damaged by construction. Views from parklands have been dramatically changed. Our residential experience has changed by additional light pollution (parking garage and building lights on all night), noise pollution (HVAC systems run all the time), and traffic. Further massive construction and intrusion into residential areas and parklands will cause even more damage.

What happens nearby during a construction job of this magnitude. 

Construction of underground parking garage, building foundations, and retaining walls may well require extensive blasting. Neighbors are concerned about adverse affects to property that could result from these activities. Several neighbors believe their homes have been damaged by the blasting that was required to construct previous Incyte office buildings.

What changes are inevitably wrought when sunlight is blocked by monumental building and water run off is diverted by storm drains on the Critical Natural Area that is a part of this parcel? 

What happens to the species inhabiting these areas? 

What does the Brandywine River look like after another massive building perches along its banks?

What will really happen if they are permitted to change the zoning and build bigger. 

Incyte is a desirable employer for the state and the area. However, a less expensive, more environmentally responsible alternative would be to utilize the many buildings and office space nearby and currently vacant in New Castle County and the City of Wilmington.  

What can you do