Incyte Variance Hearing 

Unanimous Outcome

NCC Board of Adjustment unanimously voted to deny Incyte’s request for relief from code requirements. Incyte wanted to build a bigger building and provide less parking than allowed.

We are obviously glad about the result.  The Board discussed the matter at length. They specifically cited the many arguments neighbors raised. Our voices were heard.  Assuming that Incyte nonetheless presses forward with its application for rezoning to construct yet another massive building on an inappropriate site, we will continue to oppose. We hope that the other layers of New Castle County government that consider the application will be as open-minded and attentive as its Board of Adjustment. 

Every one of you mattered, 

Every single signature on the petition,

Every single thoughtful letter mattered. 

Stay tuned.

This is what five stories and 450,000 sq.ft. look like seen from ground level.

Nemours Children's Hospital 

2014 expansion 

Incyte's proposed newest building, 400,000 sq.ft. and five stories.

Aerial view

(Incyte has not provided any ground level views.) 

Almost as high as the Tower at 1709 Augustine Cut-Off.  44% larger than would be permitted by NCC code and nearly doubling the office space on its campus.

(Heights listed are heights above sea level: Incyte has not provided actual building heights above ground level. Five story commercial buildings with mechanicals on top are roughly 90 ft. high.)

Incyte studied the tree line. The buildings are lower than the tree line but does that matter.

The buildings are clearly visable. Trees don't hide buildings.

Trees don't often survive construction.

A computer drawing. This new building will change the viewshed forever on both sides of the Brandywine, and will clearly be more pronouced than this rendering.

1200 employees (not new hires) coming to this site. Since commuter options are limited, this likely means 2400 additional car trips on narrow neighborhood roads. The building is this large because Incyte wants to have lots of amenities for employees; restaurant, gym, auditorium.

An industrial park in a residential area. State and city parks surround the site, including natural preservation areas, blue rock cliffs, the Brandywine River, historic mills, scenic areas, 7 sports fields, at least 4 schools, all present long before Incyte arrived. Only neighborhood roads serving everyone and everything.